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  1. R

    Mobile app image assets / car color wrong?

    I’ve had my silver Model 3 for a week and a half now, and mostly everything is going fine. But there’s one little oddity with the mobile app — either the app’s image assets for Silver Metallic are very bright, or the mobile app thinks my car is Pearl White Multi-Coat. It’s clearly different from...
  2. ZaelFaroe

    Force mobile logout?

    So... Was thinking about what would happen if me or the fiance ever lost our phones. It would be trivial to delete the phone as a key, but even without the phone as a key the app can still be used nefariously by looking up location and probably some controls still. Is there anywhere somebody can...
  3. Bokonon

    Android Mobile App Updates List - Newest 3.8.2 - Minor Fixes/Improvements (2/22/2019)

    Greetings, all! This is the Android-specific version of the iOS Mobile App Updates thread, intended to track and log changes to the Tesla app for Android. As with the iOS thread, please comment below with changes, bugs/issues and other thoughts that you encounter in the Tesla Android app, and I...
  4. Thalass

    Openhab and Tesla API

    So I've been into home automation for a while, but not having wads of cash to throw at shiny toys all the time progress has been slow. I've had Openhab running on a Raspberry Pi2, showing some weather info and controlling an ESP8266 arduino device and that's about it. But today I updated to...