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  1. T

    How is the Radio ACTUALLY supposed to work?

    So, it's clear one can pick from various options across PHONE, TUNE IN, STREAMING, USB, etc, and set favorites. My question is about expected behaviour. Here are some examples of how it's working in our car which seem odd. In the morning, there is no radio in the garage as there is "no...
  2. MrMatt

    [Speculation] Version 9.0 insights

    Just got of the phone with a Tesla rep about a bug I filed (BT related) and he gave me some great intel into the next 9.0 release coming! Final testing now, due in August fleetwide Major new UI including affecting all parts including a streamlined navigation (something he called TeslaMaps, know...
  3. Zombietech

    Navigation Volume

    The Volume for turn by turn directions had gotten pretty low and I was not able to hear when I had the music up high. I noticed today that if you scroll the volume wheel up or down WHILE the navigation voice is speaking, you can adjust the nav volume level specifically. I don't see a specific...
  4. J


    I understand the navigation will give you turn by turn directions and the estimated charge level of your m3 when you arrive at your destination. Is there a way to have your house as your destination and not use turn by turn directions but the navigation will still continuously calculate your...