From Electrek: Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary ‘Before the Flood’ trailer: Elon Musk notes...

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Sep 28, 2016

We obviously follow the climate change ‘debate’ pretty closely here and as the cause moves into popular culture, we’re here to cheer it on. Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary Before the Flood will hit the National Geographic Channel on October 31st,

In the clip screenshot above and embedded below, it appears that DiCaprio is touring the Tesla Gigafactory 1 outside of Reno Nevada. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is tells him that 100 of these factories are needed to remove fossil fuels from the global energy equation and move to sustainable energy.

Also making appearances in the movie are Barack Obama, Pope Francis, Bill Clinton and John Kerry, among others.

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Michael Russo

MSM Team Founder, Midnight S≡R≡NITY rider
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Oct 15, 2016
Pau, France
Tesla Owner
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I was meaning to watch this entire movie since we heard about it... yet did not have the time yet until this off-work Saturday doing all things T≡SLA... :) (See my separate post of a short while ago about my Houston 'mission' in this respect...).

I was never an irrational 'green' activist, yet have found myself increasingly sensitive to our protection of our environment. As the movie effectively shows, with impressive moving images & ample undisputable data, mankind has a responsibility in its impact on the climate evolution... most importantly it lists what we ALL can do to make a difference, not to least of which influence or put pressure - whichever way you look at it - on our politicians for them to radically change stuff!!

Of course, we have already taken one key step in either buying and/or reserving a T≡SLA... After seeing 'Before the Flood', I realize that, though I originally thought I had chosen my Model ≡ because of its racy look & incomparable driving experience, its innovative technology, actually the paramount value of this choice is how it makes me take a key step in helping preserve nature...

I strongly recommend you take the time (about 90') to watch the entire movie so you can decide for yourself how credible this all this and how you wish to shape the way forward accordingly... Have pasted the link below for your ease of reference...