From Electrek: Tesla Supercharger vs ChargePoint: an electric vehicle charging battle that...

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Sep 28, 2016

Forbes came out with one of the most misleading and biased articles I’ve seen (presumably) not put out by someone on an oil company payroll yesterday: ‘Who Has The World’s Biggest EV Charging Network? Trigger Warning: It Ain’t Tesla‘. I probably wouldn’t have seen it if P, the company discussed in the article, hadn’t shared it to be honest:

EV charging spots by the numbers: ChargePoint is everywhere drivers want to be:

— ChargePoint (@ChargePointnet) September 14, 2016

The title in itself, while sensationalist, is actually accurate enough not to be libel. There are charging networks out there with more charge points than Tesla’s own networks, which is great – especially because Tesla owners can happily use almost all of them, but then the author makes his point by manipulating the data and making plain false claims. more…

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