Model 3 is Officially Model Ξ

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Mar 1, 2016
Tesla Owner
Model X
Tesla sent out emails to winners of the attendance lottery on March 31 and we have confirmation of the official Model 3 logo which is the 3 horizontal bars of the E in the Tesla logo.

Speculation at to what Tesla would use for the Model 3 logo has been rampant since Tesla was forced by Ford to desist using "Model E" as the designation for the upcoming mass market car. Elon, known for having a good sense of humour, said at the time that Ford was trying to kill "SEX" which refers to the 3 Tesla car names they were trying to use.

In the end, speculation about using the letter E in the Tesla logo was correct given that it shows 3 bars and references the company logo.

We for one, had a good feeling this would the case all along.