Tesla’s new 60kWh pricing option is a software revolution, here are the exclusive details

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Sep 28, 2016


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Apr 19, 2016
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Model 3
I was just looking myself at the effect that this would have on Ontario buyers and the rebate, but even with no options at all the base price is $86,000. I doubt that Tesla is going to drop the price 11,000 just to make us eligible for a rebate. Would be curious to see what would happen if they made the base battery 20 (it only has to be 16 Kwh for a five seater to get the 14,000 rebate), whatever it took to let them drop the base price to 74,999, with the option to upgrade to 60 or 75 at the current price points because the cells were there waiting to be unlocked. The rebate would pay for the battery upgrade. How many would jump to the S. Would the province jump all over this and forbid it? Hmm perhaps I should suggest this as a pricing strategy.

For me although I loved driving it the S is a bit too large and I am hoping that the tech in the Model 3 will be worth the wait. I also hope that my model 3 base price will now come in under 30,000 with the rebate and if the HST is eliminated (44530 at today's exchange rate- 14,000 - 7500 = 23500 but that is dreaming). That would allow me to build what I want. That and a couple of years of free charging would make this the deal of a lifetime as well as the coolest purchase I've ever made. Cheers